Tangyin Urban Management Bureau: to improve the quality and efficiency of the level digital urban management in the fine management of the new bureau

2022-05-02 0 By

Since February 7, 2022, more than a dozen information collectors from the Digital City Management Command Center of Tangyin County Urban Administration have started the daily inspection of missing parts and incidents of public facilities in the streets after the epidemic prevention and control was unsealed according to their respective responsibilities.According to the information uploaded by the information staff, the digital command center quickly distributed to the member units, requiring them to rectify quickly.On February 9, 10, 11, chang Yanfang zang Dandan, the information officer, sent back missing information of urban public facilities parts and events: “Chia Tai bus: the bus stop window 50 meters east at the intersection of Guangming Road and Changhong Road was damaged.””Unicom @ Mobile Company, Telecom company: the west manhole cover is missing at the intersection of Zhengtong Avenue and Tiedong Road 4 meters to the north (there are optical fiber lines in the well)….”Tangyin city administration in accordance with the county, the county government “, according to the principle of classification management and classification management, gradually returned to normal social order, and comprehensively improve the elaborating management level of the city and promote the urban management to quality, and the efficiency “general requirements, bureau chief led the uninterrupted in primary and secondary trunk road, scenic spots, large city park plaza patrol,Ensure that during the Spring Festival, the ancient city of Tangyin city appearance orderly, clean environmental health, motor vehicle parking standards as before, damaged advertising banners as soon as possible to remove, all kinds of enclosure in line with the construction requirements, to avoid safety risks.In recent days, the city appearance squadron, static traffic law enforcement squadron, advertising management office, problem real estate special class, lampblack control special class, garbage classification office, residue office, sanitation center and other functional departments all take to the streets to inspect,On the outside of the shop operation, occupation of the road operation, food and beverage lampblack emissions standards, tourist attractions, large parks and squares in the presence of disorderly disorderly retail vendors and other violations found a, a standard.To ensure that during the Spring Festival of The ancient city of Tang Yin to create a civilized, orderly, happy, peaceful, safe without hidden dangers of the city environment.(Correspondent: Davin)