After China imposed reciprocal sanctions on US officials, Blinken expressed displeasure and backfired

2022-05-02 0 By

The United States is very fond of using sanctions in its foreign policy. Now a new phenomenon has emerged. The United States is beginning to encounter counter-sanctions and experience the harm of sanctions.Recently, the US imposed reciprocal sanctions on four so-called “members of the International Freedom Council”, which is supposed to be the principle of reciprocity, but has made the US feel uncomfortable.It was always the US that sanctioned others. How can anyone sanction the US?After expressing his displeasure after China imposed reciprocal sanctions on U.S. officials, Blinken is now publicly complaining of hurt feelings. On January 10, the U.S. secretary of State publicly shouted:Chinese sanctions against the United States is “unacceptable” and complained about Chinese sanctions against American personnel harm American values, is a violation of western universal values, is unreasonable, threatening to reverse blinken, americans do not accustomed to, but later you have to get used to, hegemonism is increasingly unpopular in the United States, so against American hegemony has become imperative,In this regard, China and Russia are at the forefront, and China’s sanctions have only just begun. Russia has already relaxed its hand and foot, and launched a lot of counterattacks against the United States, which has also made the United States quite headache.Now the counter-sanctions imposed by China and Russia on the United States have deeply hurt the United States, but also to extinguish blinken’s fantasy, so that the American people understand that sanctions are not a panacea to solve the problem.Americans still on the international situation has some fantasy, always think oneself is the world’s leading role, is the United States in sanctions, always thought that the use of sanctions can force concessions, once meet problem, then began to wave the sanctions stick, do not want to have their own sanctions is effective, do not believe that sanctions against Russia and China played a backlash,The United States, unaware of the situation, has imposed more and more sanctions.The President of the United States is the lover of sanctions the United States did not think of sanctions by others, it is difficult to accept a counter-attack, so the us complain about being hurt, don’t say blinken to complain, and the U.S. media also cry, against U.S. sanctions on China, China immediately to the peer sanctions, pose a “damage” to the universal values, is absolutely not acceptable in the United States.Blinken, the US secretary of state, also lashed out at China, saying that “such actions will not frighten them”, saying that “the US is determined to defend human rights around the world”.Threatening to use economic means to pressure China to lift sanctions against the US.Blinken failed to deal with Russia, imposed sanctions on Russia did not achieve results, and blamed China. He did not learn a lesson and practiced double standards. It is right to impose sanctions on others, while it is wrong for others to dare to resist.Didn’t realize we were fighting fire with fire.China’s imposition of sanctions is entirely in accordance with foreign sanctions laws and has a legal basis.And the United States imposed sanctions on other countries, almost exactly the same, is also reasonable and legal.The difference is that the US has imposed sanctions to enforce its hegemony. China has also defended its own rights and interests by imposing reciprocal sanctions against the US, and we will continue to do so in accordance with the law.The worse scenario would be to impose counter-sanctions against the US sanctions, but with Russia and China at the front of the line and other countries already itching to try, perhaps the US will end up shooting itself in the foot and getting a good taste of what it feels like to be sanctioned by others.As long as the US is not willing to abandon its hegemonic policies, that day is not far off