Xiao Jiang: Unforgettable Yunyang flower fruit

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Yunyang flower fruit is an unforgettable delicacy in my memory.It’s a deep-fried pasta, a great accompaniment to wine, and an excellent snack, crispy in the mouth and loved by young and old.Since then, the food has been popular in Yunshan And has been passed down to this day.I don’t know exactly when my mother began to make flowers, but it’s been more than thirty years since I can remember.Now, the mother has reached the thirties of life, leg pain, waist bent, hair is pale, but she is for children and grandchildren love this mouth flower fruit, every year still reluctantly straight, hard to stand for a few hours, make a basin of flower fruit, to meet our appetite.Big daughter blossoming to “year” is no longer ignorant of the small fart child, she knows that will soon be a big year, flower fruit involuntarily from the memory channeled out.So on the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, she said to her grandmother: “Grandma, it’s the Spring Festival soon. I want to eat some flower fruit. Please make some more!”Mother looked at her granddaughter lovingly, “Well, I’ll start to make some this afternoon and give some to your sister-in-law and sister-in-law.When they were your age, they were greedy girls!””Good ah!All right!Can eat flower fruit again!”Blossoming happily clap hands, Xi Xi also follow her sister happy dancing.Flower fruit is not a person busy, I keep in the shop can not care for it, only by the wife to help mother busy.In the afternoon between making fruit flowers, my wife turned on the video.I saw from the video duoduo in her grandmother’s teaching is also helping to do, although the face and hands covered with white flour, but she is very happy.And xi xi pure trick, take a face page, knead at will.Well, that’s a legacy.A busy afternoon, in the mother’s evening birthday dinner table, a plate of yellow, crisp lingling flower fruit has appeared in front of everyone, all praised the mother’s good skills.The mother looked at her granddaughter and proudly told everyone, “I am getting old, thanks to the help of my daughter-in-law and granddaughter!”Looking at the mother with a full head of hair, and then see the grandchildren leaning against her side are singing birthday songs around her, the red candlelight against the mother is no longer young face, suddenly change, and change, the young woman with a long braid, said to the little children beside: “You quickly grow up, grow up to help your mother……”The woman shook her arm and rolled back and forth with a three-foot long rolling pin on the cutting board, and the long braid also swung back and forth.It was winter, but her forehead was soon covered with fine beads of perspiration.A thin little boy like flower cat ran home, see the busy mother sweating, stand on tiptoe to pull the towel on the face rack, “mom, I wipe sweat for you!I’ll roll it for you when I grow up!”The woman straightened the dough, squatted down and stretched her neck. “Ok, Fang, you hurry up and be your mother’s little helper!”Yes, that’s my mother and I.It was on the 28th day of the 12th lunar month in 1988.My mother said that although I was naughty when I was young, I knew how to love people.Dad is a veterinarian, always busy outside, every New Year’s Eve, the first day of the first month of the possibility of home.More because father is weak, so the work inside and outside the home, is almost a person’s mother.So, MY mother alone in the kitchen making flowers and fruit, I was not strange.In the early 1980s, flower fruit was only available at the banquet for weddings, such as girls, daughters-in-law and full-moon wine. However, there were only a dozen of them in a plate, and they were already empty before they tasted the taste.The flowers and fruits on the red matter mat were different from the usual ones.Prior to the red paper bubble water, and then the dyed red water on the tip of the flower fruit, fried, yellow fruit tip with a red, is so mouth-watering, unforgettable.Decades later, it remains as bright and deep in the brain as ever.As the 1980s came to an end, with a slight surplus of grain, flowers and fruit, a rare food, were on the table for the family reunion dinner, but not with red paper and water at the tip of a wedding.Flower fruit production process is complicated, a person often busy half a day to survive, can not do much.At the end of those years, my grandmother would occasionally give my mother a hand in her spare time, but my mother mostly worked alone.As a boy, I was naturally active, and was unlikely to quiet down for long to help my mother, while my sisters were too young to have much energy.My memory is very good, see mother do a few times, remember its general process.Add salt, yunyang yellow rice wine and flour, stir well and add a spoonful of white lard, this is the key to crispness.And then, and then knead, to moderate dry and wet, the surface is bright, with a long rolling pin on the cutting board.Repeatedly rolling, flexible to show.This is technical work, but also hard work.Roll until the dough is even and thin, stack the dough up one by one and start to lower the dough.Then unfold layers to fold in half, start the knife, five knives a broken forming.Hands like butterflies flying up and down, a beautiful flower fruit under the frying pan to finalize the design, low fire slow frying, golden color when picked up.Burnt, crispy, unforgettable.When my father bought back the rolling pin in 1989, the rolling pin retired from our kitchen stage, which saved my mother a lot of effort and time.On the table of the Spring Festival, the delicious food of the table, especially the golden fruit of flowers, has been praised by relatives and friends, all kua father blessed, married the mother of this clever woman.Dad always looked at mom with a big smile, as if it was something to be proud of.Mother vigorous, also not delicate and artificial, generous to accept the praise of all, take out the housewife’s special skills, a vigorously greeted everyone to eat good drink good.As the days passed, we three sisters grew up.Later, I went to work in the city and ended up in hotel kitchens.In this special place to do food, although a variety of delicacies dazzling, but do not see the figure of flower fruit.Accumulate over a long period, miss mother’s craft day by day.Mother knows her children’s small hobbies, in the New Year has prepared a variety of food, including flowers and fruits that let us remember for a moment.On those days when we return home for the Spring Festival, these delicious foods let us gorge on them and fully release the emotion of missing our mother’s cooking.Mother looked at our eating, always a smile on the face, that is licking calf love.After leaving home, the small travel bag was filled with mother, it is the mother carefully wrapped flowers and fruit, but also the deep feeling of the mother worry.Later, the family went to the city, even if renting a humble house, the mother will do some flowers and fruit in the New Year, to meet the children’s thoughts.Later, buy a house, marry a wife, we finally have a place in this city, no longer drifting, from now on have a stable residence.On the day before my wedding, most of the villagers from my hometown came.Hair small zhiyong by wine strength, “Wang Ma, according to the rules of the hometown, today on the table can be less of a big dish!”His face was full of conceit.”You son, there is no shortage of chicken, duck and fish on the table.AGAR AGAR?What else do you want to eat?”An uncle laughed and cursed.”I say you!What meal?Flower fruit!I used to get married in my hometown, how little I got this thing on the mat!”Comrade Zhiyong said righteously and forcefully.Mother clapped her forehead. “Oh, yes!I still remembered to do some flowers and fruit, but I forgot all about the busy days.””Sister-in-law, don’t listen to your nephew’s nonsense.He probably wants to eat the fruit, just say this.Don’t worry, sister-in-law!”Uncle hit the circle, everyone laughed.”I will forget this time. When I give birth to my son, I will remember to do something so that Zhiyong Zi can have enough!””The mother replied cheerfully.After the birth of his eldest daughter, comrade Zhiyong did not eat the flowers and fruits he had longed for because of the one-month banquet arranged in the hotel.At the end of one year, When Zhiyong came back from Suizhou, he gave him a delicious meal of flowers and fruits and brought him some more before he left.He bluntly: this is the real taste of childhood!Ma Wang, you can do it!Later, the second daughter also had a wife, their mother sa love to eat the flowers and fruits made by their mother, just as I was a child.Xizi, nearly three years old, opened his eyes in the morning and cried out in a milky voice: “Grandma, hua Guo Guo;Grandma, Hua Guo Guo…”It made us laugh.The Spring Festival, it is the family reunion, even nephews, nieces also came to my house.Mother and wife led a group of children, to do flower fruit busy.I looked at the photo of my wife’s hair in my sister’s mobile phone, and my eyes were moist: my wife cut flower fruit dough for the first time, and the children made flower fruit carefully under the guidance of their mother.Now I have passed the age of 30, there are many younger generation, but mother is old.His wife matured in the days of daily necessities for two years, and finally took the kitchen knife in his mother’s hand and learned to cut the fruit skin.Blossoming they also grow up slowly, through several failures, also learned new skill eventually — do flower fruit.This is a matter to be congratulated!Just entered the house in the evening, the children grabbed around me, one by one holding the flower fruit to me, dongdong and beans said in unison: “Uncle, this is what I do, you taste…””Daddy, this is I do, you see beautiful not, not good?”I’m a little overwhelmed.Looking at these delicate flowers and fruits, and then looking at the mother, wife and children, they are also smiling at me, as if I was the judge, is the backbone of the family, can not help but feel overwhelmed.This small flower fruit is the efforts of three generations, but also hundreds of years of food inheritance!At least not in our house. Good!(XiaoJiang)