The latest!Anhui has opened

2022-05-01 0 By

On January 31, the Office of Anhui Provincial COVID-19 Prevention and Control Emergency Response Headquarters opened a message board on the way home during the Spring Festival. People can log on to the message board on the home page of the official website of Anhui Provincial Health Commission ( to report any problems they encounter on the way home.There will be relevant personnel to verify, feedback and rectification.As requested, during the Spring Festival, across the province to the epidemic prevention and control this alert all the time, the implementation of the defense of the State Council work deployment, provincial committee and the spreading mechanism and strictly carry out “five must not” rules, according to “about with emotion to do during the Spring Festival returnees epidemic prevention and control work notice requirements, in the scientific and precise at the same time, the implementation of the measuresFull of warmth to serve the people, resolutely prevent simplification, “one size fits all”, for the masses to spend a healthy happy and peaceful Spring Festival to create a good environment.