LOL has a “malicious score” BUG!If five people report a player, they can kick each other out of the game

2022-05-01 0 By

Happy New Year to LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the World of games.Now comes at a time during the Spring Festival, a lot of summoners during the Chinese New Year will also choose to entertainment in the form of playing games, some like points on qualifying players will be taking the advantage of the opportunity to with good friends on the points, but have recently tiger flapping netizens reflect, on the position of the emergence of a malicious bugs, and very serious.To put it simply, you can get kicked out of a match for no reason, and then not be able to play again, or even for a day.LOL appear malicious bugs have informed, in the most recent qualifying saw a lot of collective dropped game, through the observation, found that there are players using a special BUG, the BUG is to make the team of five players at the same time press F10, a player can report the opposite, the other side of the player after he was reporting will be dropped, and then not even,I can’t even get back in the game.The player also provided evidence of players using the BUG to score points in a malicious way.To put it simply, players who know this BUG can tell their teammates that they can lie down to win the game after entering the game, and then F10 will operate a wave to kick out one of the players on the opposite side, or even kick three or four players in the game, and then the game can be easily won. If they keep playing, the winning rate is 100 percent, and they can get crazy points.But this branch is obviously the use of unfair means to obtain, is a very undesirable behavior.This player is calling on everyone not to play during the Spring Festival ranking, so as not to encounter the opposite use this BUG to kick themselves, affect the mood.After seeing this news, there are players said instead, it is because of this, just more to play the ranking.Malicious use of bugs will be punished for the simple reason that is when you are each other in this BUG played out after the game, is likely to get official compensation after the BUG fixes, lose a game and then get a compensation of qualifying rewards, or pretty good, there are players have said want to give them a fist to die of skin.It is well known that there were serious bugs in the ancient days of league of Legends, when a large number of players used bugs, and players who did not use bugs were rewarded with a permanent Collectible limited skin, i.e., until death do us part.This time if the BUG really exists, malicious use of the BUG players, will inevitably be punished by the authorities, for a short period of time to score a big wave of punishment, this behavior is not worth it.So if the BUG is real, players who want to know about it should not use it either.The most important thing is to play and rank with your friends during the Spring Festival and enjoy the fun of the game. However, using bugs will not only be punished, but also lose the fun of the game itself. Players need to dominate the game and feel the fun of the game, rather than be dominated by the game and become the slaves of the game.Entertainment mode recommended during the Chinese New Year when it comes to the game, personally think that playing position during the Chinese New Year, need to have a good state of mind, if players mentality is good, and has a strong, good friends playing position is ok, but if the player mentality is not very good, recommended not to play the position, big New Year’s day is the influence mood.During the Chinese New Year, it is still recommended to play the entertainment mode like infinite chaos or big chaos, even if you lose the game will not be greatly affected.Infinite scuffle, may have a lot of players will encounter some rolling, especially some teammates drops, also will be very uncomfortable, when meet such game suggested that players can be ordered in advance, in the game if you need to hit the road compressive strength but outweighs, suggest to brush the wild or other way to play casually, can’t win the game is to end.The common point of the two modes is that the heroes are randomly selected. Personally, I think this entertainment mode is more reasonable and more interesting.