“Gucci” sent Xiao Zhan year of the Tiger blessing video, Xiao Zhan said money is rolling in, good luck can not stop

2022-05-01 0 By

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, Gucci, the brand that Xiao Zhan represents, recently released a blessing video for Xiao Zhan in the Year of the Tiger. We have seen such blessings too many times.It is worth mentioning that in the video, Xiao Zhan bluntly said that money is rolling in, wish everyone good luck in the Year of the Tiger can not stop, the New Year can be smooth.Gucci posted: “Happy New Year with Gucci, brand spokesperson Xiao Zhan’s New Year wishes, wish you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger can not be stopped, the New Year!”Then the brand released xiao Zhan’s year of the Tiger blessing video, Xiao Zhan is like a “living treasure”, every time I see Xiao Zhan, the heart is very happy, I believe that many fans also have this feeling, very wonderful.As a fan, everyone expressed in the comment section happy New Year with Gucci spokesperson Xiao Zhan, the year of the Tiger is prosperous, good luck can not be stopped, money is rolling in, very warm.On the other hand, there are many fans of Xiao Zhan’s upcoming stage expressed expectations, that is, we have been concerned about the “China Network audio-visual annual ceremony”, Xiao Zhan has been confirmed to join, the time is in the second day of the Chinese New Year, we can keep looking forward to.In short, we will also bring our best wishes to Xiao Zhan, hoping that he will become better and better and develop better and better. We will continue to look forward to Xiao Zhan’s works and stage, and we will rationally support Xiao Zhan’s endorsement.