Our festival | Spring Festival: the fourth day of the year

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The fourth day of the first lunar month (The fourth day of the First lunar month), also known as sheep’s Day, is the day for Chinese people to welcome the gods.In the old emperor’s calendar accounted for sheep, so often said “three sheep (Yang) Kaitai” is a symbol of good luck, but also to welcome the kitchen God back to the folk day.On this day, the whole family will eat Djeluo together. The so-called djeluo is a hodgepodge of food left over from several days.Clean the house and collect garbage in one place, which is also called “throwing away poverty” in Chinese folklore.At the same time, some areas have the custom of the fourth day too old.According to folk belief, on the fourth day of the first lunar month, the Kitchen God calls for a poor household account, so every family must stay at home, preparing rich fruits, burning incense and setting off firecrackers to show respect.The fourth day of the first lunar month is the “Sheep Day” of Nu Wa’s creation myth.Dong Xun, a Man of Jin, wrote in his book “Asking about Etiquette and Custom”, “In the first month of the first month, there was a chicken, a dog, a pig, a sheep, a cow, a horse, and a man on the fourth day.Painting chicken in the door, seven days to stick people in the tent.”The fourth day of the first month in the old calendar accounted for sheep, so often said “three sheep (Yang) Kaitai”, is a symbol of good luck.Shop in this day to burn incense to the horse temple, because the sheep king, cattle king, horse king are enshrined in the horse temple, to the southern outskirts of the horse temple like the most famous sheep king.On the fourth day of the ninth lunar month, the shops will give out red envelopes to the big and small.The fourth day of the year is to meet the god of wealth from heaven to the world.Have “send god early, receive god late” said, the so-called send god to start early in the morning, and receive god in the afternoon is not late.As for offerings, prepare three animals, fruits, wine and vegetables, and burn incense and candles to burn gold garments.If the boss wants to “fire” someone, he is not invited to worship on this day.From the first to the fourth day, shops are closed and women do not needlework.Then five road five road, this refers to five road line god, later evolved into five road god of wealth.Old business after the Spring Festival holiday, generally in the fourth night to meet the five road god of wealth, the fifth day of the market, in order to figure good luck.Then five way to master with incense to the east, west, south, north, in the five directions of the god of wealth hall to please pick up, every pick up all the way to the god of wealth, in front of the set off a string of 100 guns.After the ceremony, the master and his attendants worshipped the god of wealth in turn. After the ceremony, the horse on the original offering table was burned to show their respect to the God of wealth.The ceremony was over.Surveillance: Wang Yanping: Feng Qing editor: Zhao Chunxian