We will have zero tolerance for pseudoscience and extravagance

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The State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Health Commission and the General Administration of Customs recently issued a notice on Investigating and Dealing with Illegal Acts in the production and operation of food containing gold and silver foil powder, proposing to severely crack down on illegal acts such as the production and operation of food containing gold and silver foil powder, false publicity of gold and silver foil powder as edible, and import of food containing gold and silver foil powder.The notice stressed that according to China’s food safety laws and regulations, gold and silver foil powder is not a food additive and cannot be used in food production and marketing.This negates the legitimacy of food containing gold and silver foil powder from the root, and clears up the long-popular pseudoscientific view of “eating gold is beneficial”.For those of you who don’t know, do people actually eat food that contains gold and silver foil?In fact, it has been “prevalent” for years, and in some areas has reached the point of no help.My hometown is famous for its gold leaf products, so I know a thing or two.As early as in the 1990s, food containing gold and silver foil powder appeared in the domestic market, such as gold foil wine.These wines are defined as premium wines, but the high prices are backed by low costs, resulting in huge profits.In recent years, the food containing gold and silver foil powder has been updated to enter the field of meat and dessert, attracting the attention at that time.In 2021, market regulators investigated and punished catering enterprises for adding and using gold foil in food for many times, including grilled wagyu sushi, lemon cheese and other fashionable “gold foil food”.This kind of food is expensive, and gold leaf has become a magic tool for rising prices, which will be even more so if left unchecked.The production and operation of food containing gold and silver foil powder mainly caters to three kinds of consumer psychology — first, that eating gold can prolong life.This saying has been around since ancient times. “On Salt and Iron” refers to the sayings of the ancient scholars: “Immortals eat gold and drink beads, and then live to protect heaven and earth”.Second, eating gold shows noble identity.Gold price needless to say, eating gold is naturally the behavior of “people”;Third, they are curious and like strange ingredients.The basic purpose of the production and operation of food containing gold and silver foil powder is just to sell more money. In essence, it is to take advantage of the ignorance of consumers who follow the trend to collect “intelligence tax”, and cater to the luxury atmosphere to engage in strange taste marketing.There is no doubt that “eating gold makes you live longer” is a myth.Gold element itself has no nutritional ingredients, gold foil only as a pure decorative role of colorant, if eating gold can nourish the body, then eating iron can supplement calcium and economic benefits?This kind of misdirection disturbs the public, is to the pseudoscience to add fuel to the fire, takes partial social cognition.Experts also warned that allowing gold foil to be added to food as an additive or raw material could lead to illegal activities such as false advertising and replacing pure gold foil with pure gold foil, posing difficulties for supervision.What is more worrying is that the mentality of eating gold, which can be called a quirk, directly promotes the spread of extravagance, which runs counter to the current trend of thrift advocated by the whole society.The department issued, the sword refers to food with tinsel powder for extravagant gimmicks to promote hedonism, money worship against social good fashion advertising behavior such as add tinsel, promote food powder has health care function, treatment efficacy, such as false illegal advertisement, it is to make a radical, precision strike on reality.It is worth noting that as early as 2001, gold foil was banned from food by the former Ministry of Health.Relevant documents make it clear that gold foil is neither a raw material for the production of alcoholic food, nor can it be used as a food additive.But over the years, “gold leaf food” has continued to prevail.Facts show that in order to curb the “wind of eating gold” and cleanse the dirty air, the key lies in strengthening regular supervision and strict law enforcement in addition to long-term strengthening of science popularization, carrying out health knowledge interpretation and issuing consumption tips.The notice stressed that all illegal activities will be dealt with strictly and promptly in accordance with the law.If a crime is suspected, it shall be transferred to a public security organ for investigation of criminal responsibility.Only by increasing the intensity of the crackdown and the cost of crimes, can such “business” really be disrupted and the cornerstone of food safety be consolidated.