Traffic police notice: at the beginning of the year, the 52 roads in neijiang city are strictly controlled

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About setting the urban road traffic order strict management section notice for promoting urban traffic order disorderly point point of governance, to promote modernization of urban road traffic management ability and level, to ensure road traffic safety, orderly and smooth traffic, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety “and its implementation regulations,It is decided to set up road sections under strict control of traffic order in The Central District, Dongxing District and The Open District of Neijiang City (hereinafter referred to as “Sections under strict control”).(1) Driving motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles after drinking or being drunk;(2) driving a motor vehicle in violation of traffic signals to pass;(3) failing to stop to yield when driving a motor vehicle to a pedestrian while passing a crosswalk;(4) parking a motor vehicle or a non-motor vehicle in violation of regulations;(5) driving a non-motor vehicle and not walking on a non-motor vehicle lane, driving in the wrong direction or running a red light, or carrying passengers in violation of regulations;(6) pedestrians do not walk on sidewalks and crosswalks and do not obey traffic signal lights to pass.Four, bat measures the traffic administrative department of the public security organ in accordance with road traffic safety to the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, through the on-site ZhaJiu and traffic technology monitoring equipment captured, to hunt down via the above key traffic violations, the traffic participants, please consciously abide by the road traffic safety laws and regulations and consciously abandon the bad traffic,To create a safe, civilized, smooth and orderly road traffic environment.This circular shall come into force as of February 1, 2022.We hereby inform you.Neijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment January 26, 2022 Source: Neijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic police detachment warm tips

Do not travel to affected areas.Citizens should pay close attention to the situation in China and refrain from going abroad, especially to cities where cases have been reported.After returning from a trip or business trip to other provinces, it is recommended to take a nucleic acid test and self-health monitoring for 14 days. In case of any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever or dry cough, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately.

Proactive vaccination against COVID-19.Eligible citizens should be fully vaccinated and immunized as soon as possible.Neijiang city has launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in full. Residents who have completed the whole process of COVID-19 vaccination with an interval of up to six months are requested to take COVID-19 vaccination in a timely and nearby way, so as to jointly build a nationwide immunization barrier.

Implement a healthy lifestyle.Consciously develop civilized, healthy and good habits, such as “washing hands frequently, frequent ventilation, less gathering, and one meter of noodles”, do not crowd, do not gather, and maintain a safe social distance.When entering and leaving public places, actively cooperate with temperature measurement, wear masks, check health code, travel card and other prevention and control measures.