14-1!Top of the league!Thanks to the league doubting, now they’re proving themselves

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Basketball is a five-man team sport, no star invincible, can lead the team to win the championship, the NBA league every year, they have played the strongest team effect, both offensive and defensive standards, must be in the forefront of the league.Are there any luck teams that can make it to the finals?They made it to the Finals, but many fans around the league have been skeptical that they got there through luck and injuries.Now, they’re 14-1 in January, the best in the league, and they’ve won 11 straight and 18 straight. Thanks to the doubters around the league, they’ve finally proven themselves.Crisis in many top teams this season, the nets and the bucks, as the odds-on favorites to win their record was not as good as last season, the nets were now 6 in a row, only the east sixth, win they are getting smaller, the prospect of Owen not dozen vaccine, Nash not coaching, harden condition fluctuate, durant couldn’t back injuries.In the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix SUNS have a solid record, led by Curry and Paul. The SUNS have won 11 in a row, and the Warriors have won 7 in a row.As a result, more and more NBA experts and fans are more optimistic about the warriors and SUNS ‘championship prospects.The SUNS entered the playoffs last season because of Paul’s joining, and the SUNS also played in the finals, Paul joined the SUNS in the first year to win the Western Conference champion + finals runner-up, this is already a very good result.However, last season, many fans believed that the SUNS made it to the Finals because of sheer luck.Did the SUNS get to the Finals by luck?No strength?No, this season from the match against the effect, from the team record and the situation, the SUNS have a very strong team basketball strength, and their lineup running-in is obviously better and better.At 41-9, the SUNS are the league’s first 40-win team, three games ahead of the Warriors and a whopping nine games ahead of the bulls.The SUNS are 14-1, the league’s best since January, and have won 11 straight games, the second-longest streak in the league this season, following their 18-game winning streak, the league’s longest.Why are the SUNS so good? Why are they so good?It’s a bit of a stretch for the SUNS, who have been sidelined by a wave of injuries and only nine players, to win 11 straight games with Paul and Devin Booker.In addition, Chris Paul is back at his peak, averaging at least 20 points and 13 assists per game in his last six straight games.Paul also won the Western Conference Player of the Week award last week for the first time in five years.From this season’s record, from this season’s roster and chemistry, the SUNS are undoubtedly a very good team in the league, the strength of the lineup is balanced, both offensive and defensive are very good, this season the SUNS offensive efficiency 113.0 (third in the league), defensive efficiency 105.1 (second in the league).The SUNS are the only team in the league with a top-five offense and a top-five defense.Even with multiple injuries missing, the SUNS have beaten the Nets, Heat, Jazz and Bulls during their winning streak.Tested and questioned throughout the league, Paul now leads the SUNS to put up the best offensive and defensive numbers, the best record in the league, to prove the strength of the SUNS roster.