The harry Potter mobile game has been released in the New Year

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The Spring Festival, the biggest festival of the year, is coming. Many friends who have been wandering abroad have returned to their warm hometown to start a happy holiday life.There are also a lot of lonely friends who go home to face the distress of urging marriage, from the year to the end of the year, seven aunts and eight aunts of the round bombing, the pain of social fear who can understand?Harry Potter wizards, however, should have no such problems.As a card game launched by NetEase last year, The Harry Potter mobile game has received a lot of praise once it was launched, especially the highly restored picture which made many harry Potter fans realize a magic dream.Here, you can not only learn a variety of magical magic skills, but also make friends with the support of a powerful social system, especially in this New Year, special benefits are launched, fireworks and lanterns atmosphere is full.After entering the magic school, players pass the exam to enter their favorite colleges.The dormitory!Is the number one place for players to chat and make friends.You can follow the system’s allocation to share the dormitory with strangers and enjoy the unique experience brought by new friends. You can also invite your best friends to live in the same dormitory and directly join teams to participate in various activities to upgrade your friends.This kind of social way xiaobian is really mercilessly love!In addition to the dorms, PROM is also an indispensable place to make friends. What better way to bond than to dance together?More recently, various Oriental elements have been introduced to the New Year store for the Harry Potter mobile games.The new fashion “hazy light shadow” details design straight to the heart of players.The overall design of women’s dress is cheongsam, which is inlaid with lace in collar, lapel, cuff and so on. It is not publicity, but it can permeate a beautiful style in the silent place.Men’s clothing is the same color, red black pants, bottom decorative pattern, simple and generous and do not break delicate.Players put on the full flavor of the New Year “hazy lights”, in the ballroom and their partners to dance a beautiful dance, a dance, fireworks everywhere outside the window, the feelings of both sides in this extreme ambiguous atmosphere rapidly heating up, xiaobi straight call too can!And speechless Mimi ground to say, hazy lamp shadow umbrella action super atmosphere oh!If you want to create a romantic atmosphere for yourself, players can set off their own fireworks in the sky above the castle from 9pm to 10pm every night.Do you know what new ways to play Harry Potter mobile games?Share them with me in the comments section. See you at Hogwarts, then