Have you ever wondered why that history exists?What’s the baby boom got to do with it?

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Flowers Yu cold | the history of development generally has a certain regularity and causality.Just like the history told in the first 12 episodes of “The World,” the history shown through the eyes of the three Chows did not suddenly appear because of a few people.There may be a longer historical reason for such a history.From Zhou Bingyi asked Zhou Bingkun to hide the books in the box, until The release of Zhou Bingkun, who was imprisoned by Feng Huarong.Such a period of time, in the eyes or hearts of different people have different meaning and address.Some call it “the years of passion”, others the decade of “revolution” or “catastrophe”.In any case, those years have left an indelible mark on the minds of generations.From the author’s point of view, zhou Bingkun and others experienced this decade, with historical necessity and helplessness.And while it’s not entirely the fault of certain people or policies, it may have something to do with the word “baby boom.”A baby boom usually refers to a phenomenon in which the birth rate increases significantly in a given area at a given time.The causes of this phenomenon are often cited as bumper crops, the end of large-scale wars, and traditional factors such as the year of the Dragon.Around the world, things like the postwar baby boom, the echo boom, and the millennium Baby Boom have all resulted from these results.The baby boom in China is different from the baby boom in the world, but its cause is also very similar.For example, the first baby boom was a little later than the global baby boom due to the civil war, but after the government implemented the policy of encouraging birth, the national population growth rate reached nearly 300%.According to the 1953 census, the total population of China at that time increased by more than 100 million compared with 1949.The second baby boom followed three years of natural disasters in 1962.After 1965, due to the improvement of the national economy, the birth rate began to increase dramatically, and the average birth rate reached 33 per thousand until around 1979.During this period, the population of the whole country increased by 250 million, or 20% of the total population.Although such a huge birth rate provided huge basic manpower support for the subsequent “reform and opening”, it was also the main group of baby boomers that had the greatest impact on the later economy.But it was also the largest baby boom in history that indirectly led to the decade that The World tells us.Although the baby boom will create a huge workforce 20 years from now, if society or the state fails to provide such a large number of jobs, it will be a much bigger problem than the aging population will be half a century from now.And this is the main basis of the author’s theory.For one reason or another, all the young intellectuals in “The World” participated in the trend of “re-education of the poor and middle peasants”.However, when these children, who are only 20 years old and have not even graduated from junior high school, voluntarily or forced to give up the opportunity to stay with their families and enter the countryside, frontier areas or corps, have they ever wondered: why can anyone stay in the city and stay with their parents?Because they are the group of people who have been abandoned by urban employment because of “labor surplus”.Because they are too many people for state-owned factories, companies and units to accommodate.If they do not want to be a glorious intellectual youth, then they can only wander around the city, they will not have a job, income, they will be looked down upon by everyone.If they want to “stay” in the city instead of going to the mountains and the countryside, they can only enter the private sector or become “profiteers” like shui Artesian and Luo Shibing.And would there really be private units in those days?If caught for “profiteering” will be sentenced to prison.So you can say that in those days things like ticket supply, lack of goods, in addition to the economic blockade and so on, the overpopulation caused by the baby boom was also a factor.And this baby boom directly led to the implementation of the “family planning” policy in the “Reform and opening up” plot of The World.Until today, the impact of this baby boom on our country is slowly fading.In the past 40 years, it has not only brought many memories to our fathers, but also brought decades of rapid economic growth.So to speak, the intellectual youth in The World, the fathers of our families today.They use their youth, with their life for a happy, rich today.In those days they only beg for food and clothing, extravagant hope family reunion, how can think of them today, can look at the big TV in the home of the Chinese children zha winter Olympic Games arena.When countless young intellectuals in the vast world of sweat, how will they think.Their spirit will be passed on from generation to generation, and it is their spirit that makes us and their children’s children stand tall among the nations of the world.Today, when the epidemic is ravaging the world, only we can muster the strength of the whole people to fight against the epidemic. Isn’t there any inheritance of the spirit of the educated youth who responded to the call to go to the countryside?Past wonderful: “the World” is too unexpected: Tao Junshu’s story although obscure, but face up to the history (after reading remember to pay attention to “Flower Yu cold” oh!Pictures from the Internet!