7 egg white separator comparison evaluation, which separation is the most silky?

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Still trying to separate the whites with the eggshell?Not only is it less efficient, it’s easier to get your hands dirty.In this issue, 7 egg-white separators have been compared and evaluated, and this one is finally recommended, which can separate egg yolks in one second and has the best overall effect.The traditional way of separating egg whites is not only inefficient but also easy to dirty hands. Quickly follow the gede reviewers to improve the happiness of baking from the egg white separator.Seven egg-white separators with their own characteristics were selected for evaluation.After many tests, we found that the silicone egg white separator of School Kitchen can separate egg yolk in one second, and there is almost no egg white adhesion after separation, and the overall use effect is the best.Sample selection and evaluation process how to find the “appearance level and talent” all in one egg white separator?The egg white separator on the market varies in shape. A good egg white separator needs to separate egg whites quickly and well, but also to operate smoothly and clean easily.Egg white separators in this evaluation range in price from 2 yuan to 30 yuan, including creative, plastic, stainless steel.From the separation effect, operation experience and storage, cleaning several directions to launch this evaluation.Separation effect test We tested the separation time and smoothness of the egg white separator with the same batch and specification of eggs.In order to ensure the objectivity of the test, manual intervention separation was carried out after 10 seconds, and the products with unsatisfactory separation results were tested again.In this test, the middle school kitchen egg white separator not only takes the shortest separation time, but also has the most convenient operation and the best comprehensive performance.The whole egg is placed in a bowl and separated by squeezing the silicone part to draw the yolk into the separator using the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the container.The operation is very smooth and the whole process only takes one second. After separation, egg white adhesion is very little and the separation effect is the best.The separation effect of lebe egg white separator is not ideal. When the egg yolk is dumped, it is easy to block the outlet, resulting in not smooth separation and a long time, and the egg yolk adhesion is obvious after separation.Lope ceramic chicken egg separator plastic neck Lope egg white separator has the lowest price, but it takes a long time to separate and there is still a small amount of egg white adhesion after separation, the separation effect is poor, so it is not recommended to buy.The compatibility of this product is poor, and the longitudinal design of the pores is not suitable for separating the newborn eggs with smaller yolks.In the process of testing, there was the phenomenon of egg yolk dropping. After the second test, there was still some egg white adhesion, and the overall separation effect was general.The stainless steel spring design of Deli card button egg white separator can separate egg yolk and egg white faster and more smoothly, but its annular design has a large spacing, and egg yolk cracked and fell in the test process.The integrated design of shell opening and separation of the new Chushi spring egg white separator makes the operation more convenient. The four transverse large pores can separate egg white well, and the egg white adhesion is less after separation, and the separation speed is medium.Geos multifunctional egg separator and large capacity egg separator barrel can separate five eggs at the same time. Its pores are relatively dense and sharp. Yolk breakage or slide occurred in two tests, and the separation effect is poor.This product is divided into hand-held, buckle, vertical these three types.The three egg-white separators of Xuechu, Deli and Heqing all support one-hand operation, which gives a better experience.But in addition to learning kitchen can achieve a second complete separation of egg yolk, the other two will be broken or fall the phenomenon of egg yolk, separation effect is poor.Hand-held products in a slightly smaller opening, easy to appear the phenomenon of egg white slide;The kitchen separator is light and compact, with the best operating experience.The operation of Geos is more smooth, but with more assembly steps and larger size, the operation experience is mediocre.Among the three products, deli’s silica gel buckle can be adapted to containers of different diameters and thicknesses, which can firmly stick to the edge of the bowl and is not easy to fall off, providing the best operating experience.New Chushi and neck are designed with a snap, which is generally stable. The former is highly compatible and can be adapted to containers with diameters below 20cm.The latter is only applicable to the diameter of the small bowl within 13cm, poor compatibility.Vertical egg barrel can separate multiple eggs at a time, without holding without using with other containers, the operation experience is relatively good.However, it is easy to affect the whole egg white quality because of egg yolk breakage, so baking lovers should choose carefully.Clean storage neck music and new kitchen shi wall hanging easy storage, the rest of the products can not be suspended storage, access to relatively inconvenient.Among them, Geos multifunctional egg separator occupies more space and is relatively difficult to receive.Cleanliness in this test of products except the following two are external separation design, simple and convenient cleaning.In the two products with internal separation, lepi has smaller openings at the top and in the middle, which brings some inconvenience to subsequent cleaning.Comprehensive evaluation The creative egg white separator of School Kitchen can separate egg whites in one second, which has outstanding performance in various tests. The price is about 25 yuan, with strong practicality and the best use experience.The shell is made of high quality silica gel, no odor and high softness, comfortable to hold, easy to operate and labor-saving.The whole is detachable design, can be disassembled after use for washing, no dead Angle, reduce the possibility of bacterial residue, easy to clean, clean and hygienic.