Ghost doctor Evil Princess: Magic Lord, unbridled pet, he bloodthirsty but her pet became the heart of the meat

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Everybody is good!It’s time to share with you again. As a big fan of reading, I decided to share my excellent novels with you who also like reading. If you like, please click the bookmark to read.Recommend to everybody today: “ghost cure rebellious imperial concubine: demon father, unbridled pet” he bloodthirsty be like life however dote on her become heart sharp flesh first: “ghost cure rebellious imperial concubine: demon father, unbridled pet” author: Brocade pool introduce: “ghost cure rebellious imperial concubine:Demon ye, unbridle pet “he bloodthirsty but will her pet into the heart of the meat stay home miss notoriety outside, make public domineering, empty no gathering spirit, waste a, full city hate, the country evil!She, the genius of the 20th century, has moved from notoriety to fame.Alchemist pharmaceutical handy, top pet around the side, born waste change of the baby!She will repay those who insult her.If she deceives her, she will pay back a hundred times!She was so skilled, she had the world at her fingertips, and then she met him…Determined to kill, bloodthirsty, mysterious, capricious, but only to pet her into the heart of the meat.”Who are you?” she asked.He replied, “Your man.”Guide into the pit: “today this palace is really lively ah.”When the officials are pleading, King Zunxi steps into the hall, followed by a few palace people, each holding a jar in his hands.”These are elixir made by your Highness to relieve the plague.”He turned and walked away.If his little girl hadn’t left these things, he wouldn’t have meddled.Palace people will jar one after another open, there are full of particles of yellow three Dan medicine, full of wenwu jing leng, where is this waste?Clearly a genius!!Suzhen immediately ordered those Dan medicine to stay in the name of shallow dust sent to the apricot orchid village, to be lifted again to honour xi King’s back, eyes can not help but sink.”Why not ask her to stay?”For King Zunxi, Suzhen is always on guard.”Why?”King Zunxi stepped out of the hall with a leisurely smile.Suzhen calm eyes eventually bright up, Honor xi king to stay shallow dust is really special, otherwise that night stay shallow dust also won’t be safe, more won’t have now so indulgent spoil.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “The Doctor abandoned the girl” author: MS Fuzi Introduction: the 13-year-old Ye silly girl, once reborn!Have omnipotent god tripod, body huai Ling planting space, she is no longer seen by people deceive the waste abandoned female!Drug poison peerless, magic doctor to stand aside;Spirit beast for contract, sorry, beast god call us boss.Into the pit guide: Ye Lingyue’s fist, shattered ye Qing’s fist, a boxing in the ye Qing’s abdomen, ye Qing’s abdomen, a human scalp tingling bone crack sound, Ye Qing like a fallen leaf, heavily thrown out of the arena.There was a piece of him that landed in the ring.”Pup,” Ye Qing gushed blood from her mouth. “How could it be…Five……”Challenge stage, leaves gu pupil fierce one shrink.Five thunderbolts, that girl. Five thunderbolts.Collapse thunder boxing is most of the children of the ye family can do boxing, but can practice more than five thunder lightning, all are 20 or 30 years old young adults.Ye Lingyue is only 13 years old, as far as ye Gu knows, Ye Lingyue practice collapse thunder boxing, but is more than a month.Ye Gu’s eyes, can not help but vacant a few minutes, looking at ye Ling yue’s eyes, also gradually changed.Same lonely and proud unruly body shape, same stubborn temper, at the moment the Leaf Ling Month, and in those days the Leaf Huang jade, was so similar.Full of uproar, win ye Lingyue look indifferent, she stood in the arena, commanding, looking like a pool of mud Ye Qing.”Ye Qing, you lost, would like to bet to concede defeat, said a double reward?”Ye Lingyue’s words, like steel needle general, thorn ye Green pale.”Ye Lingyue, don’t push me too far.”Ye Qing guiltily looked at her father Ye Huang Cheng.The face of leaf phoenix city is green, a pair of eyes, firmly stare at leaf Ling month, can abstain from having leaf solitary present, leaf phoenix city also dare not wanton.In front of the whole leaf family, like a dog to climb, but also called his father is a bastard, if ye Qing really did so, he and ye Huang city how to establish a foothold in the leaf family.Introduction: In order to avoid intrigue, Ruby hides her awakening powers from the future star.Who knows that someone is not long to look for trouble, but also want to rob her things.Into the pit guide: feng Ling a look at luo Bi’s expression will know what is going on, this is a blind cat met a dead mouse, accidentally hit by accident to extract the energy liquid, and the amount is also high amazing.This detour, Feng Ling can not help but hand on the forehead chuckle, very good.It is said that the fire attribute is more fierce among the known attributes and belongs to the attack type. If the spirit level is not high, it is impossible to control them to condense into energy liquid. As for luo Bi’s waste attribute, Fengling can hardly imagine how she did it.Energy fluid is very valuable, especially energy fluid with attributes. Sometimes even star coins can not be bought. Energy fluid with fire attributes is not easy to extract and has attributes.The battle team is worried to buy the fire attribute energy fluid, this bottle of energy fluid is also calculated to solve the team’s urgent need, Feng Ling relieved, hesitated to ask: “how do you feel, have uncomfortable?”Robby felt it and smiled. “I’m fine.”Feng Ling looked at her carefully, after determining her state of mind is very good, from the storage ring took out a few pieces of a round stone way: “according to the method you just try again, see can extract the energy liquid inside.”Ruby was embarrassed. “I don’t remember how to do it.”She was obsessed with getting the red liquid into a lump, which would produce an energy liquid.”It’s all right, you just try.”In feng Ling’s view, success is the best, failure will damage a bi stone.If robby doesn’t have a future in making drugs, she might as well become an energy department contractor.(Click below to read it for free.) If you like it, follow me.If you have good novels, you can share them in the comments. I will recommend them to you from time to time. Let’s read some books and relax ourselves.Abuse of love: a dark red dazzling, “I owe you, now return to you” he collapsed “old Greasy stick and pepper” 18-year-old Zuo Luo flirted with 30-year-old Shi Jingzhan became his little girl “Emperor less sultry:Frowsty SAO husband too impatient “her bold words, who dare to marry, I dare to marry” precious flower Zhi “hide zhuo 15 years of home change she had to come forward to support this stormy home” wrong pick up disease Jiao Wang Ye “why save me?Because of your face, of course!