Swallow medicine after life, by2 Sun Yu bask in New Year dynamic, its package of dumplings will “reveal stuffing”?

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It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that she and her sister Sun Han live in Beijing for 8 years to have a real meaning of the New Year.Not only did the sisters post their New Year photos, they also shared the Chinese character fu (福), couplets, red envelopes, flowers, and dumplings made by themselves. Although they were different in shape, they ate them all, so long as they didn’t give away anything.The door is still very new. Even the protective film of the coat has not been torn off. This is not like the ordinary family who stayed in Beijing for 8 years.However, from the layout of the New Year, and very down-to-earth gas, and ordinary people have no different.From the sister personally made dumplings, different shapes, dumplings not only have flowers, there are two dumpling skin pinched into the cake, in addition to the long four edges and square four edges of the dumplings, it can be said that the shape of “dumplings” to the extreme.No matter what shape, as long as it can cover the filling, I only hope that these strange shapes of “dumplings” in the pot “do not reveal the filling”!When it comes to “dew”, have to mention by2 sister Sun Yu and Li Liang Lei online tear wars.Eyes looked to 2022, Li Liang Lei online attack Wang Leehom, pain number of its major crimes, but also drag has been cold by2 sister Sun Yu.This wave of heat to the BY2 combination alive, not only many propaganda Li Liang Lei, Sun Yu also directed from the play a “swallow medicine” drama.Sun confessed that she had taken too much melatonin and did not have her stomach pumped. “She gave some oral medicine and went home,” a source said.In the drama of “one crying, two making trouble and three hanging”, Sun Yu and her sister Sun Han failed to play the “leakage trap”, and were sprayed with a lot of saliva.Some netizens said, “I acted a little too much for other people’s marriage” and “I acted like a movie queen”.To Sun Yu “commit suicide by hanging” play, early its friend frankly does not believe, because Sun Yu is a play the girl that opens very much, with Wang Lehong after part company quickly take he You Jun of little son of gambling king, two people still arrived to talk about marriage the level that marry, but finally two people do not know why cent.Now, the sisters are not as angry as they thought they would be, are they?In fact, no matter whether Sun Yu is really a victim, or really involved in The marriage of Wang Lee-hom Li Liang Lei.The other side has been safely if element, respective well, oneself why lug already divorced 2 people do not put?Was it really just an apology?Or are you trying to rub off on the heat by making yourself and your sister famous?Dian dian thinks the latter is more likely.Little jun for BY2 sisters worry about is, only by rubbing wang Lehom Li Liang Lei this wave of negative energy heat, even if the red will not maintain long, will only cool faster!You might as well stay put and stop playing to the gallery!(Cooperation can leave a message, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!)Author: Shui Bin